The drive to create is part of an eternal living spirit which resides instinctively in the artist. This inherent motivation sensitizes the self to circumstances and information relating to that motive. Thus a photographer will perceive visual sensation as more ponderous than other stimuli. When capturing imagery, selecting from the many available contingencies constitutes adaptation to the intrinsic need to visually create. From my perspective, the entire universe is a support system providing an abundance of raw material. My desire is to select quintessence light patterns and fashion them into worthy visual statements, exploring the fundamental issues of what, how, and why anything exists. From a formalistic and procedural perspective, my goal is to develop a sensibility and skill set that facilitates effective photographic interpretations under any environmental condition. An ongoing motivation is to constantly push the envelope of my understanding and to add something new to the visual lexicon. Extracting satisfaction from operating simultaneously across a multiplicity of conceptual frontiers, my work primarily addresses the question of what constitutes the nature of reality.