Interface boundary theory. Something apart from concrete existence, the temperament of the inevitable interface juncture remains inexplicable. Exploring relations between the abstract and the concrete, any cognitively normal human infant is able to learn any natural language. Here engineered is a clever layering of metaphorical details about the structure of interior versus exterior meaning. Each province must influence the other, often in unconscious but significant ways. The boundary interface remains the last true frontier. With sufficient effort and thought, even the obtuse can be translated. The internal and external must be held separate, but juncture membranes can be selective barriers. This venture is an effort to create post-modern abstract art, which might be considered an oxymoron in some rarefied spheres of influence. Everyone engages in abstract thinking, with differences in understanding often intuitive. Since all things have multiple meanings, we can never be sure about the veracity of our interpretations. Although things are not always what they seem, they are always what they are.