Conceptually this body of work is a cohesive effort where I attempt to "Render the Invisible." This theme is operative on several levels. All the gravure prints are made from digital infrared captures, and as such they represent environment radiation behavior that is beyond human sensation. Our sensory systems are extremely limited, and consequently our understanding of reality is unavoidably incomplete. At the other wavelength end of visual sensation, the printing plates themselves are made with ultraviolet radiation also invisible to humans. Therefore, the creative process brackets what humans are biologically designed to see.

In complete concert is the subject matter of the work. All the images are captured from a moving vehicle during trips from place to place. They make aesthetic use of the space occupied between departure and destination from within a small-enclosed box. This space/time continuum locus of control is not generally associated with creative opportunity. Using long shutter speeds, the familiar passage is seen in innovative ways, perhaps for the first time. Maturity of an experience continues throughout the period of maximum topographic differentiation, or until an observer obtains exposure saturation. Interrogating exterior and interior environments, the abstract landscape remains a motivating conceptual interest. Relative appearance has intrinsic meaning, simultaneously decipherable and ambiguous. Each episode is defined according to what is specifically believed. There are many ways to expand consciousness, but all require a willingness to move beyond current certainty associations.