Floating Elements

The "Floating Elements" project directly addresses reflexive questions about the nature of photography. My primary goal is critically to consider photogenic appearance, while moving my creative efforts specifically towards the disaffected dimension. Photography physically functions as an optical mediator of reality. This intermediary link has positioned the medium uniquely both culturally and historically as an unbiased purveyor of truth. Sharp detail delineation of refracted converging radiation is the defining characteristic. As a way to explore demarcation, the subject of these new images is optics itself. Here I am literally focusing on the unfocused. Yet the surface of the floating element is sharply defined, hovering in a smooth abstract field of amorphous color, absolutely dependent on optics for its creation.

Referencing optical refractive lens construction, on-axis geometry is critical. Initially I thought that all images in the "Floating Elements" series should therefore place the objective dead center. However, on further reflection, I decided to approach the work in a distinctly lyrical and poetic fashion, and allow the lens element more space to float. This multi-leveled exploration of focus interrogates the essential delineation issue intrinsic to photographic expression.