Optical Devices

Looking to depict luminous compositions of energy as a direct function of the photographic process, objects and external referents are eliminated. The perceptual experience stems from the viewer's interaction with the energetic result of light working in space. Using optical devices of my invention reinforces the optical nature of vision, something generally operative without conscious thought. We see what we see, transparently taking for granted the veracity of the result. Yet the physiological characteristics of the eye determine much of the external appearance experience. At its most powerful, photography provides a mechanism to expand sensation beyond previous boundaries, revealing diverse reality events.

Matter is correspondent to energy, in accordance with its mass. Energy is always equivalent to the ability to exert pulls or pushes against fundamental forces of nature. Light and space phenomena provide a framework for indirect observations of universal constructs. Each optical device I make has its own visual signature, which commonly takes time to identify, as the present continually passes into history. This involves a dialogue of experimentation, processing different variable combinations while resisting presuppositions. In scientific parlance, a phenomenon is any observable event, even if the scrutiny requires the use of instrumentation. Cycling through my various invented optical devices, different interpretations of reality are manifest by discovered appearances, directly accessible to observation. Art and science are two epistemological schemes asking many of the same questions.

Light takes on a spiritual significance as the basic building block of being. Often the question is not how things work, but rather why things are. Spirituality does not need to either involve faith or exclude reason. It is out on the boundaries of the possible that I like to roam, riding the fence lines of process capabilities and conceptual interpretation. Working with radiation can address questions of existence and being, as an understanding of light requires darkness.